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Business Coaching

“After coaching I feel much more confident communicating with clients, because I was able to form fundamental attributes that I now can rely on. My goals became much more realistic. The working tools, after discussions turned out to be more tangible and useful just like a teacher’s pointer.”

Olga Kochetova (Russia)

Career Coaching

Perhaps you feel stuck in your career and need help getting to the next level and want a simple road map to a promotion. Or maybe you are deciding whether to change your course completely. You are thinking about having professional support to identify your ideal career path, making career decisions, creating and executing plans, and overcoming obstacles that may appear in your way.

The first step to understand yourself better

The first step of this journey is to understand yourself better, your passions, your values, your skills, accomplishments, failures, relationships, and goals.

Stress Coaching

The unfortunate fact is that stress feeds upon stress. The more stress we experience, the easier it is for us to get upset by even little things.

Stress interferes with the ability to think clearly and perform productively

In a business environment the assumption of a boss is that he needs to put the pressure on, to have the job done. And the assumption of employees is that if they are not pushing their limits, the boss will think that they are not working hard. And we forget that stress interferes with our ability to think clearly and perform productively and this stresses us even more.

Uncover the cause of stress

While coaching it is important to uncover the cause of stress first. Because often the way people perceive the events and circumstances of their lives creates much more stress than the reality itself.

Performance coaching

After being promoted or starting a new job you may discover that you are lacking some of the required professional skills that you have not quite mastered yet and your performance is below your own expectations or those of the organisation. You have taken on a new project and do not know where to start. Or maybe you need to give a presentation and want to do it in the best possible way.

Move forward and develop professionally

Working on any of these topics with your coach will give you a clear understanding of your development needs. You will be able to identify measurable criteria of your success, move forward and develop professionally, overcoming potential internal or external obstacles. With the support of your coach you will achieve your professional goals faster than you could by yourself.

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