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“Elena is my greatest help in realizing what happiness and joy is on the deepest level and most importantly how to maintain it.
Thank you Elena for your support and endless optimism!”

Martin Sikula (UK)

Identity Coaching

Living in a world full of distractions, we become increasingly disconnected from ourselves.

Identity challenges often appear during times of change. As we cannot prevent or control this transformation in our lives, we can learn how to participate in this transition more consciously, rather than being unconsciously carried down the river of change.

Learn how to connect with yourself more deeply

I believe that coaching at the level of identity can help people to be more deeply connected with themselves and to live from a place of consciousness, presence and fullness; to be able to apply principles with which to manage life transitions with greater ease, flow and resourcefulness.

Resilience Coaching

We worry about the economy, political instability, the price of gas and oil. We worry about climate change, layoffs and health care. We worry about work, our abilities and the expectations of others. Our century is perfect for those who want to worry!

Chronic stress weakens our health

Stress has become an inseparable companion of our everyday life. We get used to it and start thinking that it is normal to be constantly stressed. Science demonstrates that the stress we feel is not just uncomfortable but interferes with our ability to function and is generally harmful to our physical health. In fact, studies show that chronic stress weakens our health, leads to serious disease, and obstructs successful performance.

Develop inner stability

Stress can come from your relationship with yourself, with others and with society. But what is most important in regulating your stress system is your relationship with yourself. I believe that resilience coaching can help people to exert control over this relationship, to set an intelligent and positive goal – to develop resilience and inner stability to support you in different kinds of stressful situations.

Confidence Coaching

Confidence is our natural state which comes from being yourself, accepting and trusting yourself. When we were little children, confidence was not an issue even if there were lots of thing we were not capable of doing as we did not have sufficient skills and knowledge. But what we had was trust, acceptance and sincerity in everything we were doing.

Helping to return back to your resourceful self

We started doubting ourselves when we learnt to compare ourselves with others, to judge and criticise. By doing so, we became disconnected from our natural state of being confident and allowed our mind-chatter to interfere with our performance.

I believe that confidence coaching is about helping people return back to their resourceful selves, building a deep and close relationship with ourselves based on acceptance and trust.

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