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“Elena professionally guided me during the coaching, made me think beyond the expected scope, think about my limiting beliefs and gave me a platform for change. I feel less stressed, more valued. I found coaching a motivating and energizing experience for me.”

Natalia Ustinova (Germany)

“Thanks to the sessions with Elena I have learned more meticulously and thoroughly how to plan my day, week and month. Now I am able adapt to change independently, handle difficulties to achieve the most important goals I have.”

Zhanna Savina (Kazakhstan)

“Honestly, Elena has helped me by giving the right push to create the environment for change through my own thoughts and she has motivated me for further development in areas of particular interest for me.”

Iulia Globenko (Moldova)

“With challenging and pointed questions from Elena I got to know myself better, specify my objectives, understand some of my weaknesses, become more focused on achieving my goals and understand better my own behavior and way of thinking.”

Mikhail Facoudis (Germany)

“Our coaching sessions pushed me to break the script in my head and understand that I can always influence the situation I am in, no matter how difficult it seems to be.”

Yasmina Maliuga (Ukraine)

“I got rid of my fears and uncovered a strong motivation and belief that I can handle it. The sessions with Elena were always fun and we always could find positive solutions. I am very grateful that I met Elena.”

Natalia Kalugina (Germany)

“Great Coach! It has been great working with you, Elena. I have always felt relaxed and comfortable talking to you. After the 6 sessions we had I feel much more confident and closer to achieving my goals.”

Lucia Gonzales (UK)

“After coaching I feel much more confident communicating with clients, because I was able to form fundamental attributes that I now can rely on. My goals became much more realistic. The working tools, after discussions turned out to be more tangible and useful just like a teacher’s pointer.”

Olga Kochetova (Russia)

“I am not easily impressed, but it happened when I attended one of Elena’s workshops. Her obvious experience, her professional skills and the warm and relaxed atmosphere convinced me to choose her as my personal coach. Working with her notably accelerated my journey towards personal fulfillment and satisfaction and I quickly reached a number of milestones that had seemed out of reach before. A big thank you, Elena! I would not want to have missed your company in this adventure of personal growth!”

Oliver Oppitz (Germany)

“As a result of our sessions I have a much more positive state of mind.
It released a lot of energy.”

Vilma Vilutyte (Lithuania)

“Elena is my greatest help in realizing what happiness and joy is on the deepest level and most importantly how to maintain it.
Thank you Elena for your support and endless optimism!”

Martin Sikula (UK)

“Elena has been doing a great job focusing and listening, and she genuinely cares about people.”

Evangelia Drizi (Germany)

“Elena has helped me to develop ‘thinking model’ and break my big goal into the small bricks. And already after the few sessions I became more confident and believe that any big goal or dream can be achieved if you start your way from the first small step. Elena helped me a lot with her professionalism, tactful and caring approach. I let my limiting beliefs go, which became such a relief. I now feel more optimistic and energized and opened for the great future!”

Inna Rodina (Moscow)

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